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WordPress Training

Training sessions that are designed to teach you everything you need to know about using WordPress for your website.

Embark on a journey that empowers you with the skills to navigate the WordPress landscape confidently and efficiently. This training section is your gateway to unraveling the art of managing a dynamic website using the user-friendly WordPress platform. 

Keeping Your Content Fresh and Relevant

Your website is a living entity that evolves with your business. In this training module, we’ll show you the ropes of updating existing pages. From refreshing content to integrating new information, you’ll discover how to ensure that your website stays current and engaging for your visitors. It’s all about making a lasting impression.

Sharing Your Expertise, One Post at a Time

Blogging is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and establishing your authority. In this training segment, we’ll dive into the art of creating blog posts that resonate. From crafting attention-grabbing headlines to structuring your content effectively, you’ll learn how to captivate your readers and leave a lasting impact.

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Training Pricing

We understand the value of your time and investment. Our WordPress training is designed to empower you with the skills you need, and it comes at a cost of £150 per half day. This investment unlocks the  potential for you to navigate WordPress with confidence, making updates, adding content, and creating engaging blog posts at your convenience. It’s an investment in your website’s success and your digital journey.

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